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Preparing for your portrait session


1. Drink lots of water

It's very important to stay hydrated the day before and during a photo session. Not only will it keep you feeling focused and energized, but it will improve your complexion and keep your skin looking revitalized.

2. Rest

Be sure to relax and get plenty of rest the night before. This will eliminate under eye darkness and prominent blood vessels in the eyes.

3. Bring your music device

Feeling a bit nervous about being in front of the camera? Feel free to bring your music and jam out during your session. Music helps relax and makes the session way more fun!

4. Grooming

Here are a few simple suggestions that will improve the quality of your images. Remember that these are just suggestions and they don't apply to everyone. Most importantly, be yourself and do what makes you feel comfortable.

  • Remove chipped nail polish
  • For colored hair, maintain roots before your session
  • Remove hair bands around wrists
  • Iron any wrinkles from your outfit(s)
  • For close-up glamour shots only: Remove contact lenses