Rebecca Rose is a photographer, artist, and collaborator in Louisville, Kentucky. She began her art career as a student in the Communication Arts Technology program at Jefferson Community and Technical College in 2013, where she received her AAS degree majoring in commercial photography. While a student, she won three gold and three silver awards from the American Advertising Federation for color and black and white photography. The following year she participated in her first group show, “Looking Back, Looking Forward,” in Krantz Gallery.

Since then, Rebecca has showed in various art fairs including Anne Marie's Derby Art Breakfast and Raw Louisville Artist Showcase. In 2014 she began volunteering with Paul Paletti Gallery, helping to organize Louisville's premier photographic festival, the Louisville Photo Biennial, which she participated in the next year in a two-person show, “Dreaming of a Wasteland,” as well as a group show at Tim Faulkner Gallery. During the 2017 Louisville Photo Biennial, Rose collaborated with artist Jennifer Greb in a series called “Unearthed,” which was displayed at Open Arts Community Center. Her most recent exhibition “Reborn” was featured at First Light Gallery in August 2018 coinciding with the opening of her first studio located in Germantown Louisville.

Artist's Statement

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” -Cesar A. Cruz

My work includes landscapes both physical and metaphorical, my perspective of the world deciphered through imagery, thought-provoking themes drenched in darkening atmospheres, inviting the audience to interpret the work into their own translation.

There is an interdependent need between mankind and the Earth to survive. I find purity in exploring nature both for leisure and in finding unique locations to photograph. There is expression to be found in environmental destructive forces and the way the Earth regenerates itself. Using the natural world as a medium, I feel a deep inspiration, raw and primal, to explore the concept of creating symmetry through the combination of organic elements and the nude figure.

I draw a great deal of influence from music, as I commonly find myself visualizing sound and translating it's dynamic landscape into imagery. I have typically always leaned towards darker music, with genres ranging from metal to neofolk. These genres tend to influence my work more as I try to explore what it means to stand away from the narrow constructs of society and what is commonly considered to be popular or mainstream.